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              新的一年, 我們在尋找缺失的Pieces, 如果你和我們一樣喜歡挑戰、喜歡social、對優質品牌有較好的了解,請聯系我們,誠摯期待見面。


              P1 is a popular invite only community for China’s rising affluent class targeting only trend forward and culturally influential young professionals. P1 helps like minded individuals improve their personal and business networks with in this highly sought after social group by providing online and offline social tools and activities.

              We are looking for several individuals to join our team. If you are highly social and brand savvy and meet the criteria below, contact us immediately for a chat.

              Please contact: j@p1.cn

              Give yourself a head start

              • We are currently hiring extraordinary engineers to help us realize our visions about how tomorrows social media landscape could look like. Solving one or more of our puzzles can get you a good head start and a ticket to China!
              • If you think that you got what it takes, don't hesitate. Click here